姓名 林欣瑩
職稱 副教授
最高學歷 英國 University of Edinburgh 英美文學博士
研究領域 十九、二十世紀蘇格蘭文學、英國浪漫主義、文學理論與精神分析評論
研究室 文375
分機 31215
1. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2015. “‘It was self-defense, and that would be all right’: The Problematization of Innocence in Ian McEwan’s The Innocent.” Kaohsiung Normal University Journal: Humanities and Arts 39 (December 2015): 131-149. [ISSN:1021-4542] [THCI]

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Books / 專書

1. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2012. Scottish Romantic Enlightenment, Gothic Imagination and Sir Walter Scott’s Literary Historical Narratives. Taipei: Bookman Books, 2012. [ISBN: 978-957-445-509-6] (Scots-Profs.-Peer-Reviewed)

Book Chapters / 專書論文

1. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2011. “Nation and Historical Memory: Oral Tradition in the Scottish Historical Balladry." Multimedia-Based Multicultural Instruction and Research: Innovative 21st-Century Approaches via Literature and Language. Ed. Ying-hsiung Chou. Taipei: Crane, 2011. 33-53. [ISBN: 978-986-147-478-6] (Scots-Profs.-Peer-Reviewed)
1. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2015. “British invention of Scots politics in John Buchan’s Thirty Nine Steps.” 18th International Academic Conference. International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences. London: 27 August, 2015. 14:10 pm. (MOST 103-2629-H-194-001-)
英國 London 「第十八屆國際學術會議」 研討會

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英國 Univ. of Sheffield 「重思十九世紀」 研討會

3. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2012. “Textual Cultures and the Symbolics of Witch-Hunting in Ian Rankin’s Witch Hunt (1993).” Capturing Witches: Histories, Stories, Images. 400 years after the Lancashire Witches. Lancaster: Lancaster University, 18 August, 2012. 11:00 am. (NSC 101-2629-H-194-001-)
英國Univ. of Lancaster 「擄掠巫婆:歷史、故事與象徵」國際研討會

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6. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2011. “Scottish Topography and vernacular affect: Glaswegian desire, singular memory, and national identity in James Kelman’s Kieron Smith, Boy (2008).” Tenth Annual Wenshan International Conference. Taiwan Taipei: National Cheng Chi University, 28th May, 2011. 13:50 pm.
國立政治大學英國語文學系 「城市與文學」研討會

7. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2010. <族裔文學與勞工階層的對話: 蘇格蘭詹姆士˙克爾門 (James Kelman) 的 <<惜遲往事>> (How late it was, How late, 1994) 中的地方方言在英文文學中之雙向敘述驅力>
“The Dialogue between Ethnic Literature and the Scottish Working Class: the narrative force of double drives of the vernacular in James Kelman’s How late it was, how late (1994).” The 18th British and American Literature Conference. Taiwan Taichung: National Chung Hsing University, 13th November 2010. 10:20 am.

8. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2010. “Testimony of Life Writing: Non-conforming Scottish Selves in John Burnside’s Living Nowhere (2003).” An International Conference: NEICN Scots/Irish Studies Conference. Organized by North East Irish Culture Network. UK: University of Sunderland, 13th November 2010. 14:30 pm.
英國Univ. of Sunderland「蘇格蘭與愛爾蘭主題」國際研討會

9. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2010. “Orkney’s Historical Dialogue with Scottish Modernity: Orkney dialect’s silence, violence, and vulnerability in George Mackay Brown’s Greenvoe (1972).” International Conference
Panel: Silent and Ineffable: Functions of the Unsaid in Literature and the Humanities. Taiwan Department of English, National Taipei University of Technology, 26th November 2010. 10:30 pm.

10. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2009. “Negotiating Historical Spaces in the Scottish Diaspora: Indignation and Dedication to Historical ‘Truth’ in John Prebble’s The Highland Clearances (1969).” International Conference Panel: Mapping the World: Travel, Migration and Border-crossing. Taiwan Kao-Hsiung: National Sun Yat-sen University, 1st November 2009. 14:00 pm.

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蘇格蘭Univ. of Aberdeen小說與疆界主題國際研討會

12. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2007. “The “Presence” of the Spectral and Its Cultural Signification: Modern Scottish Representation of the Literary Grotesque in A. L. Kennedy’s So I am Glad (1996) and Emma Tennant’s Two Women of London (1989).” Conference Panel: The 5th Annual English Postgraduate Conference. UK, Dundee: The University of Dundee, 20th June 2007. 15:50 pm.
蘇格蘭Univ. of Dundee英語文學系研討會

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Bird Passes (1958).” Conference Panel: The 4th College of Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Conference. UK, Aberdeen: The University of Aberdeen, 14th June 2007. 11:30 am.
蘇格蘭Univ. of Aberdeen人文社會科學研討會

1. Lin, Hsin-Ying. 2014. 落實檢視「環境創傷」與「社群關懷」之影響力:蘇格蘭文學書寫文中「矜、寡、孤、
獨」的性別文化之養成與階級研究(A02) (II-I)。 科技部專題研究計畫(MOST 103-2629-H-194-001-)

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書寫文中的「性別觀、性別政治」與階級研究。國科會專題研究計畫(NSC 102-2629-H-194-001-)

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性別意識、「陰性柔順/韌特質」與階級研究。國科會專題研究計畫(NSC 101-2629-H-194-001-)