In response to the increasingly global character of our world and in keeping with Taiwan’s general emphasis on internationalization, the department has developed a liberal learning program in which students pursue not merely fluency in English and another language chosen from Japanese, French, German, and Spanish but also the ability to think and act successfully in culturally complex situations. To these ends, every graduating student completes a series of courses in oral training, audio-visual training, composition, and literature. While the language courses solidify students’ knowledge of essential skills such as pronunciation, listening comprehension, and grammar, the literature offerings introduce them to the fascinating complexity of the world’s cultural landscape. Above all, these courses seek to leave students with a love of reading and learning as well as a mature ability to reflect on personal and public concerns. Whenever possible, and especially in the skills courses, class sizes are kept relatively small in order to maintain a liberal arts atmosphere and to encourage students to interact with each other and the instructor.