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2020 Regulation - TEFL Graduate Program

2020 Regulation - TEFL Graduate Program


Total credits required for graduation: 27

Required Courses (6 credits)

Academic Writing (3 credits)

Research Methods (3 credits)

Elective Courses (21 credits)

*Students may take 6 credits outside the department (a maximum of 3 credits per semester). Students wishing to take courses outside the department must apply in advance and obtain approval from the Curriculum Committee. If a student wishes to take courses from the Literature M.A. Program, the maximum is 9 credits (including the 6 credits taken outside the department).

Requirements for graduation

  1. Credits for graduation: 27(6 credits from required courses and 21 from elective courses)
  2. Starting with the fall semester of 2016, all graduate students shall complete the Academic Research Ethics Education Program by the end of the first semester in accordance with the National Chung Cheng University Academic Research Ethics Regulations. Students must complete the program prior to applying for the degree examination.
  3. Before the degree examination, students are required to present at least one conference paper at a domestic or international TEFL-related conference and submit the electronic file of the presented paper to the department office. Alternatively, students can choose to attend TEFL-related conferences three times (proofs of attendance required).
  4. Students are required to complete a thesis (written in English only; at least 60 pages; APA style) and pass the degree examination.
  5. Any theses that have previously been submitted as degree theses may not be submitted again for the current degree examination.

Thesis supervision

  1. Graduate students should identify a professor as his/her thesis advisor by March 15th of the second semester of the second academic year, and they must submit an “Application for Thesis Advisor” form and a thesis proposal to the department office.
  2. If any graduate student wishes to change advisor, he/she must submit an “Application for Changing Thesis Advisor” form, signed by the former advisor, to the department office. After that, the student’s thesis will be supervised by the new advisor. The student is not allowed to apply for the degree examination before six months after having changed advisors.

Degree examination

  1. Students shall submit a full transcript of records and an application form for a thesis defense examination. These two documents should be submitted no later than two weeks before the degree examination.
  2. Once the application for a thesis defense examination is approved, a time and place will be scheduled for the degree examination.
  3. One week before the degree examination, the following information will be posted on the department bulletin board: thesis title, time and place for the oral defense, as well as the list of committee members.
  4. A degree examination committee should consist of at least three members. One of the committee members should be external faculty outside the department. The examination results will be considered invalid if the above requirements are not met.
  5. The passing grade for the degree examination is 70 (with a total score of 100). The grade for the examination shall be the average of all the grades given by the thesis committee members present. If half or more than half of the committee members give the examinee a grade lower than 70 points, the examinee shall be deemed as having failed the examination. Grading shall be conducted only once.
  6. If plagiarism is detected in the thesis and confirmed by the degree examination committee, the student shall fail the degree examination.
  7. If the student did not pass the examination the first time and his/her program duration has not reached the maximum limit, he/she will be allowed to take the degree examination again the next semester or next year. If the student is not able to pass the examination a second time, he/she shall be withdrawn from the University.

The deadline for submitting the degree examination grade is January 31st for the fall semester and July 31st for the spring semester.

 Foreign language ability: No special requirement

 Alternatives of Academic Research Ethics Education Course□Yes □No

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