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- Literature Graduate Program

● Credits for graduation: 27 (6 credits from required courses and 21 from elective courses)

Required Courses (6 credits)

*  Research and Writing (3 credits)
*  Critical Theory and Practice (3 credits)

Elective Courses (21 credits)

Students may take at most 6 credits outside the department (a maximum of 3 credits per semester). Students wishing to take courses outside the department must apply in advance and obtain approval from the Curriculum Committee.

 A selected list of elective courses offered in recent years:

●     American Romanticism

●     Asian American Literature Study

●     Irish Literature

●     New Woman Fiction

●     Postcolonial Literature

●     Postmodern Fiction

●     Psychological Approaches to Literature

●     Special Topics on Medieval Studies

●     Topics of European Literature

●     Twentieth Century English Fiction

●     Popular Literature

●     Travel Literature

●     Psychological Fiction and Films

●     Special Topic on Henrik Ibsen

●     Trauma Studies

●     The Beat Generation

Please refer to the following website for detailed course information:


Other Requirements

*  One conference presentation or 3 conference attendances
*  A thesis (in English, with a minimum of 60 pages)
*  A thesis defense

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